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In Dubai, a “School Bus Rental Dubai” is a standard school bus with a yellow exterior. Typically, a school bus needs to receive RTA approval and should adhere to the standards set forth by the ministry of education. Normal school buses are painted yellow and have stop signs, CCTV cameras, and child safety equipment. One of the largest companies in Dubai that rents out school buses is Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport. We work with a few prestigious schools in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We also employ one of Abu Dhabi’s largest bus companies. A typical staff bus or employees’ transportation bus in Dubai is more expensive to rent than a school bus.

The school bus transportation service is geared to meet the needs of schools, nurseries, and other student organizations. The best worldwide quality safety criteria for school transportation were used to choose our modern fleet of buses. We are therefore convinced that your kids will travel safely on our buses. You can be sure that your child will get at his or her destination safely, promptly, and in an environmentally friendly bus thanks to bus rental Dubai school bus transportation service.

School Bus rental in dubai


School Bus for rent in Sharjah 

The largest state in the United Arab Emirates is Sharjah. Of the seven UAE states, it is most likely the most historically significant emirate. According to a recent announcement from the Sharjah administration, renting a school bus in Sharjah or Dubai would have the same requirements and, for the first time, using a yellow school bus will be required. In Sharjah, renting a school bus is currently just as easy as it is in other states, but it can be challenging to employ older buses for school transportation.

Our School bus rental & School transportation services 

We are happy to say that we are among the bus rental companies with the highest safety practices. Our program for renting school buses in Dubai provides all we need for your school.

School Bus For Rent in Dubai & Other Emirates

School bus rental rates or prices are almost the same in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. There is a sight difference because of the more traffic and more mileage in Dubai comparing with Sharjah or Ajman.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a School Bus?

The price to rent a school bus is determined by its size. Buses can be rented new or secondhand, although buying one that is around five years old is more cost-effective. By doing this, you might be able to save up to 50% compared to the price you would have spent for a brand-new bus. Some businesses provide maintenance in their packages, thus owning a bus might not incur any extra fees. If leasing is an option, you will also need to account for fuel costs, insurance fees, and payment plans in your budget. For school bus rate you can contact one of our member visit this link.

How about Insurance Coverage?
In case of an accident, your yellow bus rental provider must provide insurance coverage against third-party liability. This will protect you as well as your students from any unforeseen accidents.

Capacity : 

22 seater coaster, 26 seater rosa, 60 seater AC bus, 80 Seater AC bus.

Features :

Yellow Color, CCTV Cameras, LCD Screen , STOP Board, Fire Extinguisher, Seats Belts, Fully Air-conditioned, Radio , Cassette , Wide, Spacious, Comfortable, Climate Control & Full insurance.