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We offer 14 Seater van rental in Dubai for staff transportation, city tours, labor transportation, school bus transportation, and airport or hotel transfers. The most popular bus model in the UAE is the 14 Seater Hiace for rent. For the past 15 years, the phrase “14 seater Hiace” has been used frequently in the transportation sector. The term “14 seater Hiace” might refer to a bus with 12 seats, 14 seats, or even 15 seats. The classic 14-seater Hiace is now being replaced by newer 15-seater Hiace that are roomier, better-shaped, and have medium- and high-roof options. The same car is known as the HIACE, although other names for it include family van and tourist van.

14-Seater Van for Rent

The most popular bus program in the UAE is the 14-Seater Bus for Rent. Over the past 15 years, the term “14 passenger bus” has been used frequently in the transportation sector. One may refer to a 12 seater, a 14 seater, or even a 15 seater bus as a “14-seater bus.” The older 14-seater buses are now being replaced with the newer 15-seater buses in the current era. By the roomy, well-shaped vans with medium and high roofs. The HIACE is the same vehicle, however, some may also refer to it as a minivan, family van, tourist van, or even a little coach. In Dubai, we rent out 14-seater buses. Rent a 10–13-seater vehicle in Dubai.

14-seater Van For rent

Are you organizing a trip to Dubai? Or do you wish to visit Dubai with your friends? Or do you intend to discover Dubai’s splendor? For group travel, shopping tours, city tours of Dubai, the private van with driver service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and other needs, we are here to help. We can service you with our comfortable and dependable 7-seater minivans, 12-seater luxury vans, and 14-seater vans. Get assistance from Dubai’s best van rental company. To book a luxury vehicle with a driver, contact us right now. Whether you require a 7-seater van or a 12-seater luxury van, simply let us know what you need, and the rest will be up to us to make your trip to Dubai memorable.

14 Seater Van

For less money, rent a luxurious van that is both comfy and driven in Dubai. We provide top-notch 7-, 12-, and 14-seater luxury vans with trained drivers. We are pleased to provide Dubai’s top-notch rental vans. Our fleet of luxury vans in Dubai is the largest, and it includes the most recent Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Viano models. One of the greatest van rentals in Dubai is Luxury Ride. To order your vehicle with a driver, call right now. No one can match our prices because we provide higher quality services at lower rental rates. Our team of skilled and qualified drivers is here to help you. We can service you with our comfortable and dependable 7-seater minivans, 12-seater luxury vans, and 14-seater vans.


14 Seater Bus For Rent Capacity : 12 Seats, 14 seats & 15 seats

Ideal For : 10-12 passengers & luggage
Make : Japan
Type : Semi-Luxury interiors but full luxury drive

Features :
Seats Belts, Fully Air-conditioned , High Roof, Wide, Radio , Cassette , Mic, CD Player &  AUX, Spacious, Comfortable, Climate Control & Full insurance. To know more about a Hiace please visit the following link;

Toyota Hiace Bus 15 Seats
Areas Of Working : Airport Pick up & Drop off, City Tours, Sight Seeing , Tours, Staff Transportation, School Transportation, School staff Transportation etc.

Mode Of Hiring :  With Driver & Fuel ,  With Driver but without fuel
Leasing  Time   :  For Single Day , Monthly & Annually

14 Seater Bus For Rent Price :
AED 600/ Day  or AED 4,500/ Month (Without Driver & Without Fuel)
AED 6500/ Month ( With driver without fuel and SALIK)